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K. This is a fairly lengthy post, hahaah. So, I did something crazy. I went on a makeup shopping binge. It all started when I didn’t buy what supposedly was what I’ve always wanted, the NARS “The Happening” palette. I was at Rustan’s last week and I was hell-bent on getting me one of dem awesome palette but the boyfriend thwarted my efforts. Yes, he did the impossible, he talked me out of buying it because it’s sorta expensive, around PhP3,7000.

thehappeningI don’t usually get talked out of something. If there’s anything people know about me, it’s the fact that talking me out of something when I already made up my mind is damn near impossible. But he did it, yes he did. The lady at the counter was somewhat amused at the spectacle which embarrassed me a little. I hate it when I get talked out of something and I don’t like it when it’s done so very openly. But I relented anyway.

Instead of buying the palette (which, by now you should know, I will get next month), I contented myself with NARS’ cult favorite, the Orgasm blush. I don’t think I need to go on and on about how fantastic this powder blush is because a simple search online and you get mostly glowing reviews. I got it because it was one of the main reasons why I wanted the palette to begin with (it was part of it, but I loved the bronzer too, so we’ll see next month!).


I also bought an eyebrow pencil by Benefit together with the Nars blush but I got the wrong color for me so I’m not even gonna discuss the heartbreak. That’s the last time I’ll ask someone ele’s opinion at any beauty counter! Anyhoo, the Orgasm blush is fantastic! It’s actually a bit rosier than I thought, it looked orange-y or coral-y on the pan with sexy gold shimmers but when you apply it on your cheeks, it’s a warm, rosy color. It’s a queer effect really, but I love how it did brighten my face, it’s  must-buy!


I also got the K-Palette Eyebrow Pencil, to replace the Benefit eyebrow pencil I bought earlier this week. I heard a lot of good things about K-Palette eyebrow pencil and I think it’s a worthy replacement to my old/new eyebrow pencil! My only gripe is, instead of a retractable pencil, the product is dispersed through a microfiber filament, which worries me because 1) it might dry out before I could maximize it and 2) I might overdo my brows because I’m super heavy handed! Well, I guess we’ll put it to the test!

And then I got its sister, the K-Palette eyeliner and this is the stuff legends are made of! It doesn’t budge, smudge or move. At all. Once it’s set, only makeup remover can get it off, it’s fantastic! I got this because I was looking to replace an old Avon Glimmerstick eyeliner that I love wearing so much but gives me horrible panda eyes within a couple of hours of wear.

When I bought the NYX felt-tip liner pen, I realized that pen-type eyeliners are not for me. They dry out fast and since I am mono-lid, I require heinous amount of product for the line to be visible. My eyelids literally “eats” the line if its not thick enough! So I went back to the Glimmerstick until I could find a better replacement. And I did, and I’ve road-tested this before and K-Palette pencil liner’s staying power is almost supernatural. It’s that good! My only gripe is, application needs a steady hand. The lead tends to skip and drag so if you’re not careful, you will mess up your liner.

Okay, so this is where things get really cray cray. I bought the Naked 2 palette from French Macaroons. I’ve been wanting one since I gifted my sister with Naked 1 and 2 which my cousin hand-carried from the US to PH!


Took me a while to find a trusted online store to purchase because I know there’s a lot of fake stuff out there and I want to be as selective as possible. I ordered this from Frech Mac because the seller and I go way back. I think I ordered like, three or four bags from her before I got over my obsession with English-made satchels so after numerous transactions, I’m pretty sure I’m getting authentic goods. She’s into US pre-ordering now but she had the Naked 2 on hand. She was kind enough to reserve one for yours truly, hehehehehe!


Right, so for most people UD Naked is an extremely versatile palette and I couldn’t agree more. Of course, my sister has one but I don’t really bother playing with it because I want my own 🙂 I’m sure you can relate. I thought 12 high quality eyeshadows for 2,700 is a pretty fair deal! And I really love shimmery things and this palette has a lot of shimmery eyeshadows, LOVE! I cannot wait to give this a try!

Finally, we have the Tarte The Royal Collection, which I mentioned before here. I ordered this a couple of months ago via House of Flair.


It was a long wait, yes. But again, delayed gratification is my thing so I don’t mind it at all! Obviously, I am thoroughly excited with this palette becase it’s my first taste of Tarte cosmetics and I thought the colors were brilliant!


So there! This is by far the biggest makeup haul I have and I’m happily broke at this point, hahahaha! Hey, I work so hard, I need to reap my rewards, eh?

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