Bathroom Renovations

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I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but we live in an old house that’s been left empty for years. As you can imagine, the overall look and feel of the house are outdated. Often, the design goes against my preferences and you know how I love to surround myself with beautiful thangs. Anyhoo, the bathroom is the worst offender, I hate it to bits.

My mom had it made into a maroon mess and the tiles are too dark. The tiles were discolored because the space hasn’t been used at all. Anyway, we’ve been living in this house for a good 2 to 4 years and the bathroom suddenly had a leak and we had to get the piping changed.

I was told that the entire floor will be replaced so I took this as an opportunity to renovate the entire space to the chagrin of my mother. My mother thinks that getting that ugly wall replaced with new tiles is a waste of time. She belongs to a generation that hates changes for aesthetic reasons, apparently. I hate the walls enough to spend a small fortune on it, to be honest, and this was a long time coming.

Here’s how our bathroom currently looks like right now:

Ugly, right?

Initially, I wanted to create a white and gold color scheme but then I realized that we won’t live in this old house all our lives. It will be a waste of money if we suddenly moved out ten years from now. All that money wasted on getting all the gold hardware. So my plan is to stick to a simple white and silver color scheme and simple silver hardware. Once we have our dream house, I’ll do the white and gold!

Here are some of my pegs:

Simple, clean, and sleek.

The kids are at grammy’s house and we’re on day 2 of the renovations. The house is a mess and so am I. I hate it when all my stuff is in disarray, le ugh.

It’s funny because a few days ago, I was thinking about starting to save up again. We’ve recently opened a new business, a home decor store, and I was looking forward to getting a quick break from spending money and now we have this.

I do feel, however, that it will benefit us the most anyway so might as well get this over with and just accept that 2020 will be a shitty year no matter how I try to stay positive about it. Hey at the least the bathroom’s getting a makeover.


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