Back to Pixie: Revisiting 2006

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When I was a college senior, I promised myself I’d cut my hair super short if I managed to lose 45 pounds (I was overweight), which I did. And for more than five years, I was wearing my hair super short.

I grew my hair back to shoulder length but never enjoyed having long hair. I wore my hair long because I wasn’t as skinny as I once was.My hair has a life of its own and the humidity made my tresses extra hard to manage. I usually end up tying my hair all day just to keep my hair presentable and I grew tired of that look.

Circa 2008

To celebrate losing more or less 3 kilos, I decided to finally revisit the pixie.

I’ve never been one to get self-conscious when it comes to hairstyles but I made sure to get my hair done around the time I’m not scheduled to meet anyone. This way, if I made the wrong decision, I can always crawl under the rock I live in and wait it out until I look decent again, hahaha!

Photo 27-02-2016, 8 21 23 PM

I had my hair done at Bench Fix Tiendesitas. I’ve always had my hair done by the same stylist, Renan. He’s been doing my hair for five or six years already though I don’t go to the salon often. My instructions were clear: I want a feminine pixie with cool bangs. And that’s exactly what I got.

Sadly, this could be the last time Renan is cutting my hair. He said he’ll no longer cut hair at the Tiende branch and will move to the Megamall branch. Then again, Megamall is my favorite playground so who knows, I just might visit Renan again.

Photo 26-02-2016, 12 20 46 PM

So how’s having short hair like? It’s liberating. I hated how my hair fell the first few days but now, my hair’s adjusted to the right parting and style that I don’t need to put a lot of hair product to achieve a certain look. I like how easy to maintain the cut is and how the shorter cut defined my facial features. The only downside is I’m “forced” to maintain my weight, hahaha. That means no cake, which makes me sad 🙁

I suppose short hair is not suitable for everyone but I love low maintenance styling has become.

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