Back at Marco Polo

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I’ve been meaning to write a post about my boyfriend and I’s birthday celebration but work is getting in the way, hahaha!

Photo 02-04-2016, 1 05 50 PM

So yes, we went back to Marco Polo Ortigas to celebrate our birthdays and it was fun. We also got twin cakes!

Photo 02-04-2016, 4 46 47 PM Photo 02-04-2016, 4 47 50 PM

We got upgraded to a premier room, which was cool and unexpected. The room is massive!

Photo 02-05-2016, 10 18 43 PM

Photo 02-05-2016, 10 16 27 PM

Photo 02-05-2016, 10 17 02 PM

But to be honest, I liked the room we stayed in before because the bathroom is just a few steps away from the bedroom.

Photo 02-05-2016, 10 18 00 PM

Photo 02-05-2016, 10 15 41 PM

The highlight of our staycation was the buffet because food inspires me 😀 I ate a lot of cake that night.

Photo 02-05-2016, 10 12 27 PM Photo 02-05-2016, 10 13 34 PM Photo 02-05-2016, 10 14 07 PM Photo 02-05-2016, 10 14 32 PM Photo 03-04-2016, 7 15 17 AM Photo 03-04-2016, 7 28 35 AM

We were meaning to swim in the onsite pool but someone forget her swimmies. That someone is me, hahahaha!

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