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I’m about 5 months preggers now and I haven’t bought a single baby stuff, not even a maternity dress. Crazy, right? Although I gained a lot of weight, my regular clothes still fit so I’m sticking with my regular clothes for as long as I can.

I wish I could shop for baby stuff ASAP but the husband and I decided to do this once we hit the 6 or the 7th-month mark. Why? He has a childhood friend who lost her baby at the 6th month and not only was this devastating, she and the rest of her family basically went on a shopping spree before losing the baby.

It took a while before she got pregnant again and she was on heavy meds so she won’t lose the baby again. Apparently, she has a rare condition that causes her immune system to mistake the fetus for a pathogen and that’s the reason why she’s been miscarrying. It was a sad situation but thankfully, they now have a beautiful baby boy.

Anyway, back to the baby stuff. The hubs and I are cautious because we want to make sure the baby actually arrives before we spend our coins on baby items. We will be converting our guest room into a nursery and so far, it’s still bare. But! Once we get to nursery decorating, here are some of the baby items we will get:

Haenim Sterilizer

As any would-be parent, I want the best for my child so I did lots of research before picking the products on my list. One of the first things I wanted is a sterilizer. Not the ordinary sterilizer that you pop in boiling water, no. I wanted a sophisticated device that does more than cleans baby bottles.

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There are several multipurpose sterilizers like it but I chose the Haenim sterilizer because it got glowing reviews from users.  Initially, I wanted the Upang sterilizer but after doing bits of research, I realized that it’s not the right product for me.

Oribel Cocoon High Chair

High chairs come in all sorts of sizes and designs but Oribel’s Cocoon high chair is the most stylish one I’ve ever laid eyes on. Yes, it’s expensive but it grows with your child and it comes with neat features.

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I love the colorways as well. And that sleek, futuristic/minimalist design, it’s perfect for me… and little Damy. I’m torn between the Pistachio Macaron and Blue Raspberry.

BlueAir Air Purifier

My little Damy will live with four cats (yes, we rescued a cat recently) and I just know he’ll be sensitive to allergens so I will get an air purifier.

Sharp has a range of stylish air purifiers and I love those too. However, I want the BlueAir air purifier because it can purify the air in a large room. I need all that horsepower.


I’m not getting a fancy crib, just a regular crib that’s big enough to grow with Damien but compact enough to fit in our bedroom. I hate those ugleh cribs with plastic or aluminum frames, I prefer the old-fashioned, wooden crib.

I found a nice one at Mother Care and it’s within my budget naman so I will get this one. This one can be converted into a co-sleeper plus it has a changing station built into the structure so it has all the neat features that I need for the bebe.


The first time I went window-shopping for strollers, I was aghast at the prices. These are expensive shit, guys! All the good ones are priced no lower than PhP11k. High-end strollers are priced between 25K to even 40k! It pains me to pay a lot for something that my child won’t use for five years but I do prefer quality over everything else. I’d probably go for a mid-range stroller and my budget is between 16 to 20k.

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I’m torn between Looping’s Sydney Travel System and the Mamas and Papa’s Armadillo stroller. If I had the budget for it, I might even go for the Flip XT.

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Just like strollers, breast pumps are surprisingly expensive if you get the hospital-grade ones. There are several breast pump brands out there but the most recommended is the Medela brand. Even a doctor that I’ve met recently recommended it. She stressed the need for a dependable breast pump.

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After reading several comparison posts, I decided to go for the Freestyle electric breast pump. It’s a compact, double electric pump with a rechargeable battery. Perfect for traveling! Some of the Freestyle’s features are listed in this comparison post, in case you’d like to know more.

Baby Belt Carrier

I’m planning on wearing little Damien all the time because you shouldn’t hide perfection. I want a baby belt carrier because it frees up my hand and carrying the bebe won’t put a lot of strain on my back.

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BeBear is one of the more popular baby belt carriers I’ve seen online. I like it because it has a solid yet lightweight platform that seats the baby while being carried. The baby’s bum is not strapped painfully in place, unlike other belt carriers. It’s pricey at almost 4K for the regular belt carrier and almost 6K for the newer version but I think this is something that we’ll get a lot of use so it’s worth the price methinks.

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