Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills "That Glow" Glow Kit

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Oh hey, it’s my birthday month and that means it’s time for an awesome review. Today I’m reviewing a highlighter palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, which I received as a gift.


The That Glow Glow Kit features four different highlighters that are perfect for warm-toned gals: Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly and Dripping in Gold. The pans are huge, holding about 0.26 oz. of product so a single highlighter will last you years!


The highlighters are packed in a slim cardboard packaging, which is handy and lightweight though it doesn’t come with a mirror or an applicator.


The pans are also removable so you can transfer them into a pretty palette.


I was worried that the highlighters would look too stark when worn because, at a glance, the shimmers looked chunky. Surprisingly, the effect really is subtle. Like, lit-from-within deliciousness.


Swatch Party!


Top left to right: Sunburst, Golden Bronze, Bubbly. Bottom: Dripping in Gold


Compared to my other highlighters, the Glow kit highlighters are less shimmery than theBalm’s Mary-Louminizer and comparable to the Smashbox Fusion soft lights, if you’re familiar.

The texture is nice and smooth, it’s a gorgeous formula and the brand really did a great job!


I will say, I’m more used to aggressive highlighters, those with pronounced shimmers so at first, I thought I wasn’t layering the product enough and it’s hard to get a great picture. But I quickly realized that’s the whole point. I took tons of pics but the highlights aren’t showing right save for that picture.

In this photo, I’m wearing the Sunburst highlighter (light gold). As you can see, the effect is subtle and it’s hard to overdo the highlights even if you layer the product.

Overall, Anastasia Beverly Hills That Glow is a nice set of highlighters, the shades are pretty neutral but they’ll look best on warm-toned gals. The pans are huge, they’ll last forever so if you’re after value, the Glow Kit offers more bang for your bucks.

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