An iFul of iPad Mini

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Yes, after two months of waiting and another month of introspection, I finally bought me an iPad mini, yay! The boyf was kind enough to indulge me, helped me pick the unit at Silicon Valley (awesome service, you guys!) and even patiently sat through the initial set up for me (I was busy looking for the Speck folio I was eyeing days before). For those interested, I got the 32GB with Cellular so I won’t have to bother with wi-fi ever again.

To be quite honest, I am somewhat intimidated by iOS. I’m a Windows girl through and through so the iOS was very confusing for me. But once I got the hang of it, I’m starting to dig deeper into the device. It’s fun getting to know a device and I enjoy the high I get from that! The iPad mini is my new couch companion and I’m giving my long suffering laptop a rest. Here’s the rest of the pics. I didn’t bother taking it out of the folio.

P1070168I gotta have HuffPo and Hay Da everyday!





The size of the device is just right for me, though my arms tire after holding it for an extended period. As for the screen, yes, when you squint really hard, you can see the individual pixel but for not so maarte people like me, this does not bother me at all. I’m more concerned about the RAM, to be honest. I’m hoping this thing won’t stutter once I start opening multiple tabs.

Overall, it’s a lovely device. I love the size, the weight and so far, the performance. The display could be better but if you ask me, this is def not a deal breaker. So yes, I’m very happy with my new toy and in terms of exploring iOS, this will be one dizzying adventure for me, hahahaha!

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