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High Speed 2 USB Battery Pack – The Weekender is a 7800mAh USB battery compatible with all mobile devices including iPhone – Samsung-Galaxy – Android – LG and Sony handsets. Enjoy instant power while on the go with this Portable Phone Charger by SYLO

Looking for a High Capacity 2 USB Battery Pack? The all-new SYLO Weekender is a high-speed phone charger power bank that can charge more phones and tablets simultaneously so your mobile devices are always fully charged whenever and wherever!

Does it come with Safety Features? – Yes. The Weekender USB battery pack comes with SYLO Sense microchip technology that automatically detects and matches the portable phone charger’s current to that of your mobile device for faster, safer charging. SYLO propriety Sense technology protects mobile devices from power surges, battery damage, and over-heating.

Is it Travel-Friendly? – Absolutely. The SYLO Weekender USB battery pack sports a slim, all-aluminum body. It is compact enough to fit in small bags. At 190 grams, this Sony power bank is also lightweight.

Does it Offer Faster Charging? – Yes. The SYLO Weekender is designed specifically to power up more mobile devices at the same time. This portable phone charger has a total output of 2.0A plus 2 USB ports so you can charge your tablet and your handset at the same time. Its high capacity 18650 li-ion battery packs enough power to charge multiple handsets or a tablet.

Will It Work on my Phone? Absolutely. The Weekender 7800mAh USB battery pack is a universal portable phone charger that will work on all mobile devices, including iPhone and Samsung handsets and tablets.

What if I Have a Problem With The Portable Phone Charger? SYLO’s best-in-class customer support staff is on standby 24/7 for assistance. Contact details are provided with the instructions and are also available on our website. In addition, all SYLO purchases come with an 18 month, no questions asked Warranty so, if your USB battery breaks for any reason, you’ll qualify for a full refund or replacement, whichever you prefer.

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High Capacity 7800mAh Smart Phone Charger Power Bank

The SYLO Weekender is a high capacity external USB battery pack that features a larger 18650 li-ion battery. This portable phone charger packs enough power to charge multiple handsets at the same time.

Compact and Lightweight USB Battery

At just 94mm x 58mm x 21mm, the Weekender is a travel-friendly phone charger power bank. This portable phone charger is small enough to fit small bags and purses but powerful enough to charge a tablet or two handsets simultaneously.

Smart Safety Features

The Weekender features SYLO’s Sense microchip technology that adds a layer of protection to your mobile device. This phone charger power bank will automatically match its output current to that of your mobile device for faster, safer charging. SYLO Sense enables the Weekender to power off once charging is completed with no buttons to press, saving energy.

Dependable Performance

This high-speed portable phone charger is designed with travelers in mind. Thanks to SYLO Sense, you can charge your mobile device and your USB battery pack at the same time from a single outlet so you’ll be up and running again in no time. The Weekender also comes with four indicators, letting you know how much power you have left at a glance.

Seamless Compatibility, Guaranteed

The SYLO Weekender is a universal portable phone charger. It is guaranteed to work on all mobile devices including Apple, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. SYLO is so confident of this fact that, if the Weekender USB battery pack doesn’t work for any reason, you’ll get a full no-questions-asked refund, meaning your purchase is totally risk-free.

For Optimal Use

In most case, you’ll be able to use the cable that comes with the SYLO Weekender portable phone charger. However, if you plan to charge an Apple device, you’ll need the cable that came with your phone or a third-party certified one (just make sure it’s MFi certified) to use the USB battery pack.

No Questions Asked Warranty

SYLO Technology prides itself on providing world-class customer service. And with over 1000 happy customers, we are confident that you will love the SYLO Weekender too. All portable chargers by SYLO have gone through stringent testing to ensure quality. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, SYLO offers an 18-month no questions asked warranty as well as 24/7 customer service.

Make sure you don’t miss out on this special discounted price! Click the buy button at the top of the page to get your SYLO Weekender today.

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