Almost All Natural Beauty Products?

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Just peeking in before Monday blues set it  😀

Until recently, I wasn’t the kind who’d actively look for all natural beauty products, especially if it’s a skin care product. I mean, I like natchie things in general but I’m not the one to experiment when it comes to the stuff I put on my face. And let’s just say, I don’t trust all-natural products to do anything more than keep my face clean? If that makes sense.


Then I realized, most of my skincare basics are actually pretty natural! I headed to Healthy Options a few weeks ago and got a couple of things. I was really hoping the Queen Helene mask was there but it wasn’t what I came there for, it was for Dickinson’s Witch Hazel toner. Luckily, both are available 🙂

I still love Eskinol and feel that it works great for my skin but I am nearing the advanced age and homegirl needs all the help she can get (snaps fingers in Z formation). I’ve been testing the Dickinson’s Witch Hazel toner for more than two weeks now, including at the height of my hormonal rages so watch out for that review.

As for the mask, I’ve tried this a couple of times but… I’m not as impressed. I dunno, I heard this was a cult favorite and I was expecting really awesome results but so far, I get so much better result from using Himalaya’s new Neem face pack, which I haven’t reviewed too (it’s pretty good, yo). My tube’s almost used up!

I also stocked up on Argan oil! I wanted to get more but I wanted these babies to stay fresh so I only got a couple as backup (reviewed it here). Each one is around PhP600.

Easing myself into an all-natural skincare regimen… hmmm. Here’s to better skin!

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