Adding A Personal Touch To Engage Customers

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One of the most glaring differences between large scale and small-scale businesses is that the former tend not deliver a more personalized shopping experience with customers. This is because they deal with so many people at a time that adding a personal touch with every transaction is seen as impractical.

The fact is, while many factors come to play to motivate people into making a purchase, offering personalized buying experience is one of those things that are often overlooked but makes a total difference when done right. Once you are able to make a more personal connection from your target audience, you will know that it’s well worth the effort. Today, we go in-depth on practical ways to add a bit of personal touch to engage your customers.

Thank You Videos

A nice, personalized Thank you video is one of the best ways to establish a better connection with your buying customers. Keep the message short and sweet. You can also give an inside look of all other offers you have to compel them to watch the video from beginning to end.

You can choose to address each customer by name and then read a general script. However, you can also create one video to address all customers to save recording time. Store your video clip on YouTube, Vimeo or via online file storage websites like Dropbox so you can simply send an email that will direct the customer to the Thank You video.

You can kick this up a notch by creating different videos for special events, like after the customer purchased special items during holiday sales, Black Friday deals or Halloween sale, Clearance Sale, etc.

Addressing Customers By Name

One of the quickest ways to establish customer loyalty is to address people by their name. You want to make a connection with people; you start by acknowledging customers individually. This isn’t exactly a new marketing technique but it’s extremely effective especially for small businesses. This gives customers the impression that they are dealing with a real person, not a bot.

There are great ways to get the names of people and one of which includes introducing a loyalty program. This rewards program will allow customers special discounts or freebies if he or she reached a specific amount of purchases.  The more registrations you get, the bigger your email list will be. You can use the personal information for future promos too.

Offering Members-Only Incentives

Imagine getting a nice freebie on your birthday or a discount on special days. Offering members-only incentives or sign-up promos is an excellent way to elicit a sense of urgency from people. Customers can simply complete the sign up form with their personal information to take advantage of the special deal. From here you can establish customer loyalty and compel them to buy your products at the same time. You can also run several limited-time-only promos while you’re at it.

While adding personalized shopping experience with customers may seem impractical for larger companies, small businesses stand to get their fair share of the market if they take time to engage with their customers. It’s important to make your customers feel that your company isn’t just about selling, rather, it is managed by real people who are out to resolve real concerns.

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