What Came In The Mail: Urban Decay Vice 2

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I basically tripped all over myself when a package arrived from Stuff in Style. I am absolutely addicted to online shopping and my poison is beauty items. If you are looking for trusted online stores, I would recommend three of my favorites:

Stuff in Style
French Macaroons
House of Flair

The sellers are a joy to work with, especially SiS’ Ms. Windy and French Mac’s Kriss who accepts orders via SMS. House of Flair only accepts orders via email so the extra step doesn’t get a brownie point but Suyen of HoF is also very nice and accommodating. All offers 100% authentic US cosmetics.


Right, I chose Stuff in Style over good ol’ French Mac because her UD palettes are cheaper by a couple hundred bucks. I actually compared price between these three sellers and SiS was the cheapest of them all. So it was a no-brainer for me. I picked the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette for me and the Shattered Face Case as an early Christmas gift for my sister. I was expecting the package to be given to me in December since it takes 3 to 4 weeks before sellers get the products from the US but I was surprised that a week after pre-ordering, I got the UD palettes! Nice 😀


The day after I got back here in the city, I received my package and lawrd, they are beautiful in person! Just perfect for the holidays. I love all the jewel-toned shadows! Right off the bat, I was drawn to Damaged, Betrayal, Madness, Dope and Rewind.

Best of all, the UD Vice 2 has a nice salaginto-green eyeshadow (Damaged), which I adore. I’m drawn to shimmery green eyeshadows and I was sorta disappointed that the Smashbox holiday palette I bought several months back does not have this type of green eyeshadow.

Here’s the first look I did. I used the lovely Damaged green eyeshadow, of course! Damaged all over the lids, Rewind on the crease and Dope to highlight. My camera takes poor shots so the jewel-toned colors don’t really translate well but it’s so much better in person!


The key to this look is lots of blending. One of the things I love the most about  Vice 2 is the fantastic dual-ended Karma brush that comes with. It’s not like the old one I have in my Naked 2 palette because the fibers of the eyeshadow brush end are bushier, so it grabs the product efficiently and the fluffier blending end just does a better job of blending out the harsh lines. The Karma brush that comes with the Naked 2 palette has pin- straight, somewhat scratchy fibers and I don’t use it as often as I should.

I can’t wait to start playing with this palette! Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the UD Vice 2! For girls who aren’t all into jewel-toned shadows, this might not be the best choice since the palette is full of deep blues, purples and glittery slinky black shadows. For girls who love a good smoky eye, snatch this up!

Tina Lee

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