A Tutorial: Depotting The Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate Palette

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The first high-end makeup palette I bought was the Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate Palette. It’s a holiday palette with 48 eyeshadows (?), blushes, highlighter, cream eyeliner, glosses and a bronzer thrown in for good measure. Quality-wise, this is better than Urban Decay, I kid you not. Read the reviews from Makeup Alley and other beauty blogs and you’ll know why I pined for this thing for weeks before I finally coughed up the monies to get it.

Now, I love the palette and all. It’s one of the first things I grab when I do my makeup. However, the packaging is not only bulky, the plastic sheets covering each side of the shadows and blushes makes it extra challenging to holding up the palette itself, I struggle with this each time I do my makeup. Worse, the sheets actually scrapped off a couple of my favorite eye shadows! Que horror! What I did was to cut the damn sheets. Bad idea. Stuff got on the lipglosses and I only used just one! Eeeek!

So after much tinkering, I discovered that Smashbox made the entire palette depotting-friendly. In fact, you can take out each pan without using heat at all. To start the project, I got a magnetized cosmetic case from Wild Peach. They do a selection of cosmetic cases which you can use to depot and create your own customized palette. I loved their product the first time I read about them somewhere but I’m quite disappointed with the limited prints especially the big one which only comes in black. I suppose they will come up with more prints in the future and when that day comes, I’d be all over that shit like white on rice.

Anyway! I found out Wild Peach cosmetics cases are available at Lavish Lash Studio in Megamall so with my sister in tow, I hunted the Wild Peach down and got me a couple of cases, the big one and a cute personal case in ornate print. Love the quality 🙂 hate the limited choices. You know me, I live for more choices (that’s why I buy makeup in palettes). Okay, so here’s how I managed to depot my Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate Palette without breaking anything.

First, I peeled off the soft foam stuff that divided each pan from one another. I used the wooden handle of an old lipbrush to get just enough force to lift the foam ever so carefully.


I didn’t use heated hair tools to dislodge the pans because I’m doing this for the first time and I want to minimize damage on the eyeshadows (the brown pan above shows damage caused by the plastic sheet before I cut the damn thing off). They are hella tiny, you see.

So next, cut a long string of floss, loop it on your fingers and onto the pan and simply pull down carefully. Do not attempt to remove two pans at a time if you want to avoid damaging the product.

Right, so I had to do this several times and the eyeshadows are about 40+ so you can imagine how tired my arms were after this exercise.

Alright, so after I removed all pans from their former container, I started building my personal palette first. See the two pans of eyeshadow with scrapes *weeping*? They were damaged by the plastic sheets, not by depotting. And they were my favorites too, le ugh.


I went a bit cray cray on the coral combo for the face but this is just one of the palette I have in mind. I will need another case from Wild Peach to build my pink palette, hahaha! Anyhoo, I picked out all the neutrals I use all the time and because I get bored easily, I added five bright/dark shadows to diversify the palette. Then I finished off with a deeper brown eyeshadow which I use t define my brows and a cream liner just in case I need it 🙂 This palette will definitely simplify my makeup kit.

The rest of the eyeshadows, I placed in the bigger case. They are now more accessible and I can mix and match the colors as I please!

IMG_3873 IMG_3876

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