A New (Ad) Venture

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I know opening a new biz in the middle of a health crisis and at this economy sounds ridonkulous but that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.

The idea started when my husband lost yet another client. Since I experienced the same thing, I thought it was a good idea to give the husband something to take his mind off the negativity. So yeah, with the earnings I got from my gem store, I decided to build a small home decor store.

I have big plans for this venture guys. My plan is to make this shop legitimate and long-term. So yeah, here’s Decor Depot PNQ!

Yes, the PNQ is Paniqui because I wanted the biz to have a local, physical store. Since I don’t want to deal with monthly rent, I decided to build a small pop-up store in front of our house. Specifically, our garage.

It sounds crazy but hear me out.

I live in our town’s business district, literally at the edge of the street. I am imitating my neighbor’s business model. A few months back (before COVID), my neighbor built a farming tool store in a literal hole in the wall. Guys, we’re talking about a literal hole here.

Fast forward a few months later (after COVID), the store didn’t just grow, it boomed. Right next to it is a store that sells the same thing, only it’s nicer looking. That nicer looking store closed the fuck down.

Moral of the story: It’s never about the size or appearance of the business. Sometimes you just have to start somewhere, anywhere. Thank you neighbors for the business lesson!

So yup, we found several suppliers for our little decor shop. The goods are, in fact, already here at home just waiting to be sold. I also had a collapsible wooden food cart made. We’ll turn this into the store counter.

My plan is to hang a tarp featuring our logo on the bottom part of the cart. I also bought a couple of crates and I’ll have a wooden pallet made so I could hang our shabby chic wall decors. Overall, I spent about 30K on the whole thing, which is lower than my projected principal.

Apart from getting a business permit, the husband will manage the whole biz while working remotely. He won’t quit his day job, he’ll just transfer his work station. Neat, right?

Our goal here is to turn this into a major source of income! My end goal is to establish different streams of income and use our earnings to build our dream home.

I must say, I feel very proud that my little gem store literally gave birth to another business. Despite everything, I feel like I accomplished something this year so it’s not so bad. I’m hoping that everything goes smoothly during our opening (sometime next week I guess) so wish me luck!


Tina Lee

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