A Day at Louis Vuitton Greenbelt

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I was at Louis Vuitton the other day to get me a special 33rd birthday gift. Can you guess what I got?

Photo 06-04-2016, 1 24 56 PM

First, I tried the Turenne PM on. Isn’t she lovely? I fell in love with this design when I saw it at an LV counter in Japan. I thought the front pleats made the bag look extra feminine.

The size is perfect as an everyday bag. The PM suits my tiny 5’2 frame to a T!

Photo 06-04-2016, 7 56 09 AM

The second bag I tried on was the Kensington. This purse comes in one size. I love a nice, structured bag. I hate bags that lose their shape once you pile in your things. I must say, I like the idea of not caring too much about the delicate leather. Because it’s in Damier Ebene print, the leather is treated so it is sturdier and more weatherproof. BTW: that’s the boyf in the background looking stressed out 😉

Photo 06-04-2016, 7 57 12 AM

The final bag I tried was the one that’s been haunting my dreams the most, the Alma BB in Damier Ebene. Ugh, so cute! I practically screamed when Ana, my SA, removed the dustbag and unveiled the bag. I wanted to take this home with me, make it wear pretty dresses and drink tea with it!

Again with the treated leather, nice! This bag works well on days when I don’t need to tote around a huge bag. I see Alma and I grocery shopping, meeting with the girls for coffee, or grabbing a quick bite to eat!

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