6 Features Rumored to be Included In The Latest iOS Update

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Rumor has it that the iOS 10 will come with significant improvements, fine tuned features as well as a massive design overhaul! These are the rumored iOS 10 features that are gaining a lot of steam online:

Hide Core Apps

Last May, two new keys labeled “isFirstParty” and “isFirstPartyHideableApp” were spotted in the iTunes metadata, hinting that the new update may include the ability to hide stock apps. The metadata feature information about the file including the app version and release date. After the discovery, the values started appearing on every app in the Apple store! If this rumor is true, then iOS 10 will allow users to hide those annoying core apps that are never used such as Stocks, Game Center, and Tips.

Improved Voicemail System

Although there is a current setting for voicemail within the iOS, the latest update is likely to provide more settings in the menu. According to Business Insider, Apple employees were testing a voicemail service that enables Siri to answer calls and transcribe voicemails while the iCloud voice mail will send transcribed voicemails to users. This means at some point, Apple users will no longer listen to their voicemails again.

Standalone HomeKit App

Months before, Apple was trademarking related app icon, promoting speculations of a standalone HomeKit app in the iOS 10. HomeKit is a framework that connects to home products such as lights and appliances. This feature could allow users to control smart home products using the iPhone, managing almost everything in the home remotely.

Insiders revealed that the HomeKit app was set to launch in iOS 9 but the final version was not polished in time so the unveiling is pushed back to iOS 10.

Revamped Apple Music

Apple is rumored to be building a new Apple music design, which many expect to be launched at the Worldwide Developers Conference this month.

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The redesigned Apple Music could feature an overhauled interface, doing away with current color palette and favoring a sleeker, simpler design in black and white backgrounds and texts. Rumor has it that Apple Music interface will utilize 3D touch shortcuts for better song sharing.

Insiders also revealed that Apple Connect, which is a platform that allows musicians to share their music to fans, would be demoted within the “For You” recommendations section. The “For You” section may also be up for a redesign, curating playlists, songs, music videos, and artists for easy viewing. Other notable features rumored to be included in the massive Apple Music overhaul include an improved text format and better lyric support.

Apple Pay Upgrade

Apple Pay could get an upgrade in iOS 10. The mobile digital wallet service will reportedly get payment authorization support on mobile websites using the iPhone passcode or Touch ID. The beta version of this upgrade is set for release in the summer while the final version will be rolled out in the autumn.

New Apple Photos Features

The latest version of Apple Photos app comes with basic editing tools, which do not offer enough tools to edit photos from the Cameral roll. The upgraded Apple photo features could come with the ability to adjust brightness, color, contrast, and specific parts of a photo using touch-based brushes. The new update could also feature the ability to edit EXIF information within photos.

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