5 Free iOS Apps for Budding Linguists

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NOTE: This article was part of the content stolen (and published without consent under a different author) from yours truly by an ex-client: Steven J. Hammond or Steve Hammond (profile here) of sylo.eu. Stealing is not cool, yo.

Learning a new language is not only fun, it also stimulates the brain. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to attend language classes! Good thing these apps make language learning easier, all without paying a single dime:


Duolingo is one of the best and most popular of all language apps. Using the app, you can learn how to speak Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and English. What’s so great about this app is that it never overwhelms. Language learning is done in short sessions, allowing you to find the meaning of a certain word easier. Also, this app offers a leveling up system to motivate users to complete every stage.

Get the Duolingo on iTunes here

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This subscription-based app offers 14 languages to learn. Babbel makes it extra easier to learn Spanish, French, German, English, Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Dutch, Indonesian, Danish and Norwegian by providing new words over the course of the day. As you visit various locations, Babbel will unlock new words to learn. On top of that, you can also try various activities for a firmer grasp of the language you want to learn!

Get Babbel on iTunes here


Just like Babbel, Memrise offers a subscription-based service, honing a user’s skills to remember various words. The app aims to boost a user’s brain to learn at least 44 words in an hour. Memrise offers a structured way of language learning.  You can go on game mode to learn a new language or type certain words to complete a sentence in an exercise. There is a wide array of languages you can learn using Memrise including Klingon!

Get Memrise on iTunes here

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Busuu offers an easy to digest way to learn 11 different languages including Japanese, Turkish, German, French and Italian. This free app offers customized goals to motivate users to learn a different language. You can take different quizzes to learn every word or every sentence. Although Busuu is a subscription-based service, you can also use it to learn a new language online and offline.

Get Busuu on iTunes here

Rosetta Stone

Perhaps one of the most popular language apps on the market right now is Rosetta Stone. This app allows you to learn a whopping 24 languages. It sharpens your grammar and vocabulary of your chosen language. The first few lessons are free but the full course will set you back $199.99. This is the perfect app for those who are serious about learning a new language.

Get Rosetta Stone on iTunes here

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