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I’ve been harping on and on about having a baby so here’s a welcome break! Let’s talk about my favorite topic, designer bags! With a new bebe on the way, getting a designer bag should be the last thing on my mind but here we are.

Not really actively trying to get a bag next year (thinking of skipping 2019 altogether) but if I have money to spare, I would love to add any of these bags to my collection:

Celine Classic Box

Although things unfolded the way they did when I tried sourcing two bags a few months back, I’m still pining for this little beauty. I do believe that once I snag a classic box, my collection would be complete. You ever get that feeling? Lawrd knows I do! I love the simplicity of the Celine Classic box bag, the clean lines, the simple hardware, the fuss-free look of it.

Photo Credit: purseblog.com

If I had it my way, I’d get the box in the shade burgundy and gold hardware. I feel that this combination enhances the vintage-esque look of the bag. Neutral shades like Camel are also a great shade for this specific design.

I wish I could get a brand new bag but this is quite a pricey purse and I’ve no idea why. It’s a simple bag but somehow, it’s almost as pricey as the Chanel classic flap. Since having a baby, I may have to get a pre-loved one instead of a brand new box. This could be the first time that I’d get preloved anything. I don’t know how to feel about that but as long as the condition is pristine, I’m all for it.

I found three trusted resellers who have the bag in stock, all in mint or “almost new” condition. I’m quite convinced God is testing me. I wanted to get one now but after spending most of my earnings on the baby (and buying two designer bags, like, a couple of months ago), there is just no way that I’ll get another bag at this point. I will be saving up for next year if I could though!

YSL Lou Lou Bag

I am digging the YSL Lou Lou bag, especially the one in small, it’s the perfect size for moi:

Photo Credit: YSL.com

Been eyeing this bag since last year! She looks so pretty, no? Yes, it’s a dressy bag but I cannot help but be drawn to the luxurious, quilted leather and the instantly recognizable hardware. I also like the shape of the bag. For a dressy bag, the shape is kinda practical. It looks like the Lou Lou small could hold a lot of stuff. I bet this bag is more affordable than the box bag too (I was right!).

Initially, I want this in burgundy leather with the gold hardware. I don’t know, I love the vintage vibe of burgundy and gold, such an elegant pairing! But I heard about YSL’s hardware issues. Apparently, the all-black/gold hardware are just antique silver hardware covered in a black/gold coating. Worse, these are prone to chipping. No bueno! This made me change my mind, I will go for black leather with silver hardware then.

Incidentally, I passed by the YSL boutique at Shang while shopping for baby stuff but I avoided it like a plague. I wanted to stay as far away from temptation as possible! My husband was low key eyeballing me, sorta waiting for me to step inside the boutique but I was like, NOT TODAY SATAN! then trotted away like a crazy person.

Celine Luggage Nano

I’m still on the fence about this one but again, if it’s the design, I am digging this one too. Initially, the luggage design wasn’t doing it for me until Celine came out with the Nano. Anything mini is sho sho cute. If I could have it my way, I’d like this in black pebbled leather with silver hardware, exactly like the one in the image below. Ugh, so pretty.

Photo Credit: wheretoget.it

The reason why I’m not too keen on getting this bag is the price relative to its size. After getting the Gucci Marmont camera bag, I realized that a small purse might not be the best for my needs. I do like the option of having a small purse and there’s no way that I’d sell my Marmont but I can barely fit my essentials in it. Getting another small purse might not be the best choice as of the moment, which is kind of ironic considering all the bags on this list are relatively smol. This particular handbag is not only petite, it’s incredibly pricey too. Still no clue why Celine bags are as pricey as Chanel’s, can somebody enlighten me?

Givenchy GV3

I do have a soft spot for Givenchy, the quality of my nightingale is amazing! The first bag that I got after I got over LV was Givenchy so I wouldn’t mind getting another one for my collection. None of the classic or newer styles really speak to me until I saw the GV3. It gives me biker chic vibe, something that I’ve been down with for as long as I could remember. I love the bad girl look of it, the chain, the shape, the buckle, what a masterpiece! Goth but in a vintage-y way, so unique-looking!

Photo Credit: harveynichols.com

I like this better in silver hardware although the gold hardware and black leather look nice together as well. I bet I could fit a ton of stuff inside this purse too. I know this purse is expensive, seeing that the purse is always done in two or three different leathers, hahahaha! I haven’t seen any retailers showing this off but I suppose the boutique is carrying this style already? Not really sure because I haven’t been to a Givenchy boutique in quite a while!

Gucci Ophidia Shoulder Bag

This has been on my radar since last year and I’m still pining for it. I’m actually enjoying my Marmont and has been wearing it every chance I get so I think small purses aren’t so bad after all. I dunno, I’m so indecisive about my feelings when it comes to carrying a small purse. Most times I dig it, other times I abhor it.

Photo Credit: gucci.com

I adore the Ophidia’s vintage design and the gorgeous details, I love everything about the 90s after all. The only thing that’s holding me back from getting this bag is the monogram material, which kinda goes against my minimalist sensibilities. I feel like I’d have a hard time matching this bag with the right clothes, you know? Still, I love the look of the Ophidia, especially the purse above.

Also, the pointy corners will wear out in no time at all. It’s the reason why I avoid bags with pointy corners, no matter how much I love the design. Fendi’s BTW is a great example.

The Bag I’d Choose is…

If I were to choose which bag to get next year, it’s the Lou Lou! Wait, it’s a toss between a preloved Celine Box and the LouLou in small but leaning strongly towards the latter. I dunno man, I can’t get these bags out of my head! I can see myself wearing the Lou Lou all the time because the shape, size, and the style are just perf. But I don’t know if I’d be completely happy getting this bag first before the Box, what if I end up regretting it?

Again, I’m trying to skip 2019 but I called YSL the other day, cuz, you know, research. I found out that they’ll have fresh stocks of the Lou Lou next month and all the black ones are sold out. They only have light pink and burgundy in stock. I also found out that this bag comes in two types: single chain and double chain.

The single chain was launched first and from my understanding, the double chain was just introduced recently. There is also a top-handle version of the LouLou, I’ve seen it online and it’s so pretty.

Finally, the SA said they won’t be putting the Lou Lou on sale this holiday season because it’s a new model. In case you want to snag this purse for yourself and you’re from the PH, I just saved you a phone call. I also inquired about the price, of course. It’s hella expensive, as expected.

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