4 Ways To A Steady Connection When On The Move

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Say, you need to go on a business trip and work requires stable connection 24/7, how sure are you about the dependability of your mobile broadband connection?

Now picture this: You are in a meeting with your client and things are looking great so far. You are asked to pull out important emails or documents you saved on the cloud. Without warning, the inevitable happened: your mobile internet connection goes kaput. Red-faced, you try looking for local Wi-Fi connection but no dice.


Staying connected can be quite a struggle, even more so if you are in a foreign country. Save yourself the embarrassment of failing broadband connection on times when it really counts.  We’ve listed down great ways to maintain a steady, smooth connection anytime, anywhere:

Cover Your Ground

When it comes to prepping for a business trip, you need to research about the country as well as the best mobile broadband service in that specific area. You can go online, go to your local broadband carrier, ask questions, and even inquire to other network carriers to find out which ones are best suited for travel. This way, you don’t need to depend on sheer dumb luck in terms of choosing an excellent network provider abroad. You’ll utilize the best possible broadband connection before the trip.

Bring A Backup Broadband Connection

When it comes to broadband connection, diversity is not a bad thing at all. Never depend on one network alone and always, always bring a backup mobile internet access when you can. The fact is, some broadband networks have a strong signal in one area and weak coverage in other areas.

For example, your broadband mobile internet may work like a dream when used in New York but the coverage may not be as stable when you’re on a business trip in North Carolina. In order to maximize the odds of getting a great connection, use mobile broadband connection from different carriers. You’ll thank yourself later.


Switch Spots

Don’t let slow connection get you down. You can boost your mobile broadband signal by moving to different spots. This works too even if you are getting a great signal already. Your mobile device may indicate that you are getting a great signal but your device won’t tell you how busy the tower is. By moving around, you can avoid cellular network traffic and reduce connection lags.

Don’t Depend On Hotel Wi-Fi Connection

Most hotels advertise free in-room Wi-Fi and though this feature may be helpful once in a while, the connection is not the kind to work at a speed and level you need it to. If you want stable, dependable mobile broadband connection, bring your own gears with you. Insist on a room wired for Ethernet and have the staff throw in a power strip too.

It may seem tiresome, lugging around your gears with you but if you want to get work done without struggling with unstable hotel room connection, this is your best bet.

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