2018: The Year in Review

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* It’s that time of the year when I round up all the wonderful, wonderful events of the year past and cram ‘em into a single post.

It’s been a really crazy couple of weeks since Damien came so this will be a short and sweet year-end review! I’ve been harping on and on about it but our little family has grown recently and our world was never the same again!

Our first family picture

This year was all about the hubs and I transitioning to a new life as a father and mother to Damien, respectively, and we spent most of our year preparing for the baby.

Some of these changes were a bit hard to swallow (I gained 40 pounds, guys) and my fluctuating hormones didn’t help matters post-partum. But! What truly matters is that Damien is not only healthy and normal, he is also perfect (at least in our eyes because we’re biased like that!) in every way.

2018 was a mixed bag but it’s definitely a life-changing year for us! Our holiday celebration was much, much simpler this year because we have much to learn when it comes to caring for a newborn.

I was unable to create more beauty related reviews but I’m really excited to get into the groove of things real soon. Having my body back, I am so happy that I can finally go back to doing things that I love like gardening, malling, and shopping, without worrying about my entire lower body giving up on me!

I have three goals for this year: to shed the baby weight, focus on my husband and baby as well as to make better investments for our family. They say I put too much pressure on myself because I kept going on and on about how excited I am about working out again but guys, I had to stop going to the gym for 2 years to have a baby, I will take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest.

As for the investments, we’re not getting any younger and methinks it’s time that we start thinking about securing our future for Damien, you know?

The past few years were about me trying to please certain people in my life at the expense of my own happiness. That’s why I resolve to be more selfish this year and to re-focus on what truly matters: my family.

I cannot wait what 2019 has in store for us! I’m looking forward to achieving more milestones with my little family and perhaps, enjoying more beach vacations real soon because this mama is exhausted! I hope you had a wonderful holiday celebration, dear readers and that 2019 will be an amazing year for us all! Cheers to the new year!

Tina Lee

Tina Lee-Almazar is a writer with an insatiable appetite for all things bright, shiny, and beautiful. She's a beauty junkie, a shopping connoisseur, a book collector, a purse addict, and a budding mom-tepreneur. Tina has a long-standing (and well-documented!) but one-sided love affair with cats. Special talents include: the ability to eat again an hour after eating, shopping at 3 different malls in 1 day, and taking a 3-hour power nap every day including weekends.

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