2016: The Year in Review

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* It’s that time of the year when I round up all the wonderful, wonderful events of the year past and cram ‘em into a single post.

I can’t believe 2016 came in and went so fast!

The first couple of months has been quiet for me and I basically recouped from the holiday debauchery (I seriously need to stop using that word). By the time March rolled by, the hubs and I were back at Marco Polo to celebrate our birthday (our birthdays are only a week apart)!


The hotel gifted us with twin cakes which were so awesome 😀

At this point, I gifted myself a Louis Vuitton Kensington, cuz no excuses, girlfriend can’t get enough of that monogram flashiness!

Photo 06-04-2016, 7 53 27 AM Photo 06-04-2016, 7 56 09 AM

I’d like to reiterate that it took me months of saving up to get this bag so… 😉

In April, the hubs and I joined his former employees for a soiree in Cebu. The rumors are true, Cebu does have the best lechon in the Philippines.

Photo 16-05-2016, 9 19 36 PM Photo 17-05-2016, 10 38 01 AM

We went to Carcar market where these famed lechons are sold by the kilo and boy, the experience was amazing. Imagine juicy lechon bits flying directly on your face while you wait for the seller to hack your order! Yummers 😀

Photo 17-05-2016, 10 39 50 AM

In June, the then-boyfriend and I decided to plan our wedding and I wrote a lengthy blog about it.

Around the same time, we celebrated Dimitri’s birthday. As you know, I dress my cat up every bithdays and on his 7th, he was a giant bee with a belly fulla gravy heeee!

di-2 di-1

From getting engaged, searching for the perfect wedding bands, looking for souvenirs, to finally getting my hands on our customized wedding rings, we were hella busy!



But despite my busy schedule, I managed to change my blog site’s layout and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Sometime in July, I adopted yet another cat, a Siamese kitten that I named Jelly Bean. The kitty was given to me by our neighbor and she was literally handed to me so I pretty much had no choice but to adopt her. Here she is at four months:


She’s such a babe, no? By September, we bought our first car, a Montero Sport (or Pajero Sport overseas) and I named him Porkchop because… I’m a carnivore obvs.

montero 1

From October and beyond, there were flurries of activities related to the wedding including our pre-wedding photoshoot:



November was pretty much a waiting game and then finally, I got married to my best friend and it was awesome! It’s definitely the highlight of my year 😀


For our honeymoon, we went to Zambales and Bicol to get our dose of vitamin sea:


In December, the hubs and I did our first Christmas shopping together and my little bro tagged along. It was fun, of course 🙂 We ate a lot and burned cash like there’s no tomorrow (lol jk).


Fast forward to Christmas time, the hubs and I made our first Noche Buena feast as a married couple. Cooking is hard work y’all! The holidays are always hard on my waistline and I kid you not, I totally gained 10 pounds because I’ve been eating nonstop during the honeymoon until the holidays. Ugh.


We made western style beef stew, three-cheese lasagna, baked salmon, and peach cream pie.

As for gifts, I gave the hubs an early Christmas gift a PS4 Slim NBA 2K set thing because I know he’s been pining for that shit since it came out last September and he got me a cute Instax Mini 8 camera. Ugh, look at it, it’s so cute:

photo-26-12-2016-9-00-15-amIt’s pink, it’s tiny, and it comes with a matching pink case how cute is this?!
photo-26-12-2016-9-02-17-amLeft: first instax pic and right: first Christmas together as married couple

Of course I wasted most of the film on our cats, Jelly Bean, Dimitri, and Kaiju:

photo-26-12-2016-9-01-08-am Excuse the ugleh nails, I was too cheap to get the gel polish professionally removed lol

Career-wise, I made the decision to let go of all old clients during the first month of 2016, a decision that was liberating, bold, and challenging. It was a strategic career move, one that’s been a long time coming but it was still hard for me because I’ve been working for these folks for so long. But at some point, you gotta move on.

Over the course of several months, I jumped from one freelancing job to another and I did come across not-so-great clients. One of them even swindled me into writing a month’s worth of work and not only did he disappear, he also stole my work and published unpaid articles under a different author. It was such a traumatic experience that I decided not to accept projects from LinkedIn ever again.

I know I’ve been harping on and on about this issue, it’s just that at this point in my career, I couldn’t believe I fell for this trick again. There were several bumps along the way and if I’m being totally honest, the last month of 2016 was the worst I’ve experienced ever. And I noticed that most peeps are having a bad year too it’s weird! I suppose 2016 was hard on most of us eh.

2016 was a full year! It came and went swiftly but I’m not sorry to see it go. This year, there were unexpected twists and turns, it took me to places I’ve never been, and it had an awesome ending and that’s what matters, really.

Which reminds me… my Year in Review has been an annual tradition and I’ve been doing this close to 10 years, can you believe it? (Yes, the 2010 YiR is missing but I know I wrote it and it’s probably rotting away somewhere in the deep recesses of the internet). I quite enjoy making these posts, especially after a rough year. It always reminds me that each year has been a full one, no matter how tough it’s been.

I hope you guys enjoyed the holidays as much as I did 😀 I’m wishing you, my dear readers, an excellent 2017 full of love, monies, and raket! Cheers!



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