Searching For Space

So I had this bright idea of buying my own place after getting thoroughly pissed at my landlady. I'm not gonna go to the specifics but I learned the hard way how manipulative that old krone can be despite renting her apartment for a little over 7 years. Yes, 7 years and, from the looks of it, … Continue reading

MAC Illustrated Face Kit

I pre-ordered the MAC x Rebecca Moses Illustrated Face Kit in brown last month via French Macaroons. Yes, my love for FM has been well-documented here :) The pre-ordering site allows me to participate in highly-anticipated sales from any of the US' biggest cosmetics stores and get access on great … Continue reading

Hello September

I haven't been updating this blog because I've been away from the city for like, almost three weeks, I think. We went home right before the long weekend to take advantage of that and pretty much spent some time off at home. We took our beloved cat with us and let me tell you, three solid hours on … Continue reading