Breaking Out

My skin, that is. A couple of blogs ago, I said I am going to give the Nivea Smoothy cream a try. Which I did and have for two weeks or so. Unfortunately, testing came at a time when I'm having one of those nasty hormonal thing going on my skin and I'm afraid the cream really aggravated things. … Continue reading

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub

For me, to achieve smooth, clear skin, you should never skip exfoliation. When I was 17 or 18, I started using facial scrubs because I had a bad case of blackheads on the nose area, which was so gross. I believe I used St.Ives classic apricot scrub and I have tried some of the most recent iteration … Continue reading

Nivea Smoothy Cream

If you're like me who appreciates great finds at affordable prices then you must be kuripot, hahahah! For me, nighttime moisturizing is a must especially since my skin is on the dry side and needs ample moisture. Unfortunately, high end creams do cost more than your average daytime creams, some … Continue reading

Busy July

I don't know what's up but it's been one heck of a busy week after another at the start of July. Man oh, man. Lots of new things to look forward to this week, one such thing is my sister leaving for Middle East yet again. Yep, Dimitri and I will be left to man the home front and I'm not quite sure … Continue reading