Morning Musings

It's amazing how some people who have been living life like a hermit for the past several years are still able to find an amazing set of people to hang out with. Especially perennially grumpy ones with zero social skills like myself. Could it be? I have a new set of... barkada? Take it from me, … Continue reading

Humihirit Sa Tag-Init

Okay, so summer is clearly over and I never made it a secret that I hate summer time so much because warmer weather meant sweating and breaking out in hives so yeah. It's been raining really hard here in PH for almost two weeks but that didn't really deter us from hitting the pool/beach. I'll be … Continue reading

Beauty Loot

K. This is a fairly lengthy post, hahaah. So, I did something crazy. I went on a makeup shopping binge. It all started when I didn't buy what supposedly was what I've always wanted, the NARS "The Happening" palette. I was at Rustan's last week and I was hell-bent on getting me one of dem awesome … Continue reading