June Bug

Hee, love this photo of the boyf and I, taken by a dear friend :) I can't believe May is almost over! This means I need to get my shit together just in time for two out of town trips! Lawrd, I'm in dire need of a decent vacay and from the looks of things, June just might be the perfect month for … Continue reading


I was on a roll two weeks ago, bought me a great number of makeup brushes from The Body Shop and Real Techniques, the latter I ordered from Stuff in Style! So the first batch of brushes, I got from The Body Shop. I wasn't really planning on getting these brushes but since TBS is … Continue reading

Musings In The Tunnel

I've been having a really crummy week, to be honest. I seriously don't want to complain or rant about it because that'll only make me feel so much worse that I might drive myself to an impromptu shopping spree at nearby Uniqlo, hahahah! So instead, I'll just go count my blessings: I love my … Continue reading