At the heels of our cancelled Puerto Princessa trip, the boyf decided to arrange the trip himself rather than letting a complete ignoramus do it. SO. He booked the hotel and the transpo, all by himself (I looked on excitedly, hahaha). Here it is, finally:   Wala ng urungan iteyyyy! Despite … Continue reading

Summer Bummer

Just putting it out there, I hate summer in the Philippines. I dread it every year. This year was especially sucky because 1) my Palawan trip with the boyf was cancelled until further notice and 2) I've developed heat rash! Look!   Most people love summer and being a summer baby, I know I … Continue reading

Five Minutes

My sister was in a hurry to eat out so I literally only had less than five minutes to fix myself. Used a Loreal BB cream, patted a concealer and then my trusty The Body Shop eyeshadow cubes (light pink and reddish-purple) finished it off with Ben Nye powder then mascara and eyeliner. Can I just … Continue reading

Yegads, Makeup Again?

I really should stop rubber-necking for more beauty products because this is turning into an expensive habit ha, ahahahaha! A friend and I went to Digital Traincase's physical store to check out their stuff and hopefully buy a few essentials. I was gunning for the Ben Nye Banana luxury powder … Continue reading