Face Painting

Yeah, so I have been practicing how to apply face paint the right way. So far, got these shameless selfies chronicling my progress. Currently obsessed with MaC brushes and hopefully, I could start growing a collection soon … Continue reading

Holy Week in The City

So plans changed as the wind shifted. It seems the sister and I are stuck here in the city for the Holy Week. I suppose I should be happy what with all the malls accessible from where I am right now but I'm not! I heyt eeeet! If only going home during the Holy Week is as easy!¬†Work has been extra … Continue reading

Shadow Shopping

Finally decided to buy the Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate palette I've been eyeing for weeks! Yeah, I knew I should've waited na lang but I can't help it! The palette was just too gorgeous! It's not cheap either but with the quality surpassing that of Urban Decay eyeshadows, having 45 eyeshadows in … Continue reading

Color Me Impressed

Really starting to get into makeup, eye-makeup in particular. Unfortunately, I'm still learning how to apply 'em, hahaha! I had my heart set on a cool Smashbox eyeshadow palette but I decided to buy me a Coastal Scents palette first for practice. Then if I improve, that's the time I'd buy the … Continue reading