A Good Sweat

On the right is the picture that semi-inspired me to whip my lazy butt back into "shape" (and by shape, I meant not looking like Grimace's half sister). It's been almost a month and I must say, I think things are going good. Okay, let me be the first to admit it, I let myself go. For almost two … Continue reading

Beef Cake Caturday

Watched Magic Mike with a couple of girlfriends. To be quite honest, I got bored, even with all the gyrating six packs and bouncing bums. HAH. I thought I'd never see the day... We had late dinner at Pepper Lunch. We capped off the night at Crocodile Grill where we drank cocktails and went home … Continue reading

Feelin’ Fresh

I know, I've been posting quite a bit of cosmetics and skin care related articles lately but no, this space won't be transforming itself into one of dem hipster beauty blogs, no. I'm just obsessed when it comes to skin care. But I'm pretty fussy when it comes to using beauty products though my … Continue reading