Off To A Bad Start

Had a not-so minor accident yesterday morning. I made the mistake of putting my coffee mug directly in front of my laptop and predictably, spilled coffee all over my beloved.Tsk.That woke me up faster that actually quaffing coffee. So for now, my main machine will take a much needed break to dry … Continue reading

Rounding Up

Last week was a busy week for me, I spent most of my time darting back and forth to my full-time and part-time gig. It was definitely exhausting. It is as if both my clients decided to shake things up by giving me one new task after another. Hay. I feel so tired.I went out to see a couple of Angels … Continue reading

(Voting) Cherry Popped

I spent a staggering five hours just to vote for the first time. I sure as hell wasn't expecting everything to be easy breezy but five freaking hours in the sweltering El Nino heat is just pushing it. Anyway, I voted and it was awesome. I feel at this point that maybe the new administration would … Continue reading


So a friend of mine decided to fix our old site With the help of Ratzingerjoe, they were able to resurrect the site and made it even better.I made a couple of articles in there to start things off. Hopefully I could get old contributors back to do some charity work in the name … Continue reading