Werking Out

There's a good chance that my older sister will leave the country to work in the Middle East, I'm very bummed about that. I just can't imagine being separated from her, we have been doing almost all things together¬† ever since we were kids. Haaay. I know it's for the greater good but I'm really … Continue reading

Back Doing Interviews

Since being let go by the old boss, I have been entertaining online interviews from prospective clients. One is a Yankee and the other is English. While I find offline interviews nerve-wracking, it is not the case when it is conducted via instant messengers.In fact, I'm quite amused by them.The … Continue reading


The boss finally dropped the bomb I've been expecting since December, he is letting me go. The thing was, he was honest enough to admit way back in November that he was having financial difficulty, the reason why he let all my team mates go. It only made me wonder why it took him this long to let … Continue reading