2009: The Year In Review

2009 began on a sour note. I was told to go on an indefinite leave because our client pulled out and the bosses were not able to find me a new one. Instead of waiting it out, I had the right mind to resign and take a much needed vacation. The months that followed were no good, I had no job, my … Continue reading

Cat Litter

I was never a cat person. Never a dog person and will never be a hamster/guinea pig/white mice person. I hate pets not because they suck, I just don't like the responsibility that comes with it. Plus, I hate touching dirty things which is why I'll never be a good heir to our family business. Ooops, … Continue reading


I'm shopping for a new camera. I don't want those ridiculously expensive DSLR hybrids that everyone kept raving/ about/buying. I just need a straightforward point-and shoot camera, preferably those from the Panasonic Lumix line. This camera right here, is something I want.I like those with bigass … Continue reading