Who Needs Enemies…

Since I'm finally getting a break, I can once again afford to blog about mudane stuff. Rhae and I got talking last night. Out of nowhere, she pointed out something that blew me away. Check out this picture:You will notice that the same girl got her image posted on a painting with the numbers … Continue reading

Fingers Crossed

A bit of a good news. I found me a new client.I took on the job from this guy. I decided that well, I'm moving forward and it can't hurt to try again. So far I can say that this move is probably one of my better decisions. I'm kind of enjoying what I'm doing. I'm not gloating or anything it's just … Continue reading

Major Suckage

What I SaidEditor: Have you received the email?Tina: Yes.Editor: I'm sorry.Tina: Me too.Editor: Can you send me the last batch of descriptions?Tina: Sure, gimme a sec.What I Really Want To SayEditor: Have you received the email?Tina: Yes.Editor: I'm sorry.Tina: Good. You should be.Editor: Can you … Continue reading


Timing is everything. It will either make or break you. The unfortunate strings of events these past couple of months made me realize how important good timing really is.I just realized that I just lost an earring. Apparently this day won't give me a break. Good thing I have a few tricks up my … Continue reading

Darker Times Ahead

This was the email that greeted me last night:Hey Everyone,You've all tried very hard to meet quota with the prescribed quality and for that we're all very grateful.  It is to my dismay, apparent that the quotas we've set are too stringent. This causes cost ineffectiveness for this advanced style … Continue reading