Drowning in F-U-N

Yesterday, I attended the christening if my second godchild, Alfred James or AJ. It was great because the whole shebang was a christening, a pool party and a birthday bash rolled into one. With my brother and his nanny in tow, we went straight to the pool area after the service. No one was more … Continue reading

Fiesta in the Prabens

I was lucky enough to be here for this year's town fiesta. I thought this year seemed to be as unremarkable as the last however, we spent this fiesta in our new home.The construction was finished late last year and it is our first time to spend the night. Admittedly, I was a bit wary of staying … Continue reading

Laptop Rubber-Necking

The sweltering summer heat here in the prabens is especially pit-sweating this year. I couldn't go outside without my face practically melting off from the searing heat.Incidentally, I'm driving myself absolutely bonkers thinking which brand of laptop I sould buy. You see, in order to score a … Continue reading

Epic Adventure

The videoke thing last Saturday was awesome. True, it wasn't overly spectacular because a couple of my friends were not able to make it but honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. As usual, I belted out a mind-bending rendition of Quit Playing Games with My Heart by The Backstreet Boys, … Continue reading