Dramz and The City

I got a couple of calls from a couple of friends yesterday. One was an S.O.S from a distressed girlfriend and one was a hey-yo-what's-up-with-you kind of call. The former was a bit worrisome because this friend of mine recently went through a rough break up from her asshole ex who, as I learned … Continue reading

The Hunt For Gold

I mentioned a blog ago that I finally ran out of cigs and now I'm smoke-free for two solid days. That would've been awesome except I'm driving myself crazy thinking where I can buy smokes without being recognized.Now, before you think I have an inflated sense of self-importance (contrary to … Continue reading

The Now What Moments

I haz it. It's becoming more and more prevalent at night, when all is quiet and everyone's soundly asleep in the Lee household. To be honest, I never would've thought that I'd be unemployed on my birthday. Not that being unemployed right now is a bad thing. Quite the contrary, being here gave me … Continue reading

Subtly Stoopid

 What I Said:Boss: When I sent you a message to report to the office last Monday, it's because I already found you a client. The payout will be lower but I wanted to offer the gig to you...Tina: ...What I Really Want To Say:Boss: When I sent you a message to report to the office last Monday, it's … Continue reading

Hilarity and the City

Despite my reservations with regards to going back to ol' cubicle land, I still went ahead as planned (I'm blaming my dad) and hated every nano-second of it. Firstly, I met up with an old office mate of mine because I haven't seen her since I left the city. It was great, however, from  what I … Continue reading