Officially Bumming Around

Just when you thought Saturday would never come, it did. It's like, empires rose and fell and it's still Thursday. As planned, my best buds and I are gonna hang out for a much delayed needed bonding session. I swear, I really, really need someone to talk to because the boredom I'm enduring waiting … Continue reading

An Afternoon of Melancholy

I just made the decision to leave my company altogether, the whole "on-call" thing is just not working out for me. Following that, I got a couple of strange sms messages from office friends regarding my swift exit.The irrepressible Carla texted me this morning and told me it was very quiet in the … Continue reading


After one and a half days of allowing myself to wallow in self pity over another rut I got myself in, I can now officially declare that I'm over the drama. That's right, 'twas fast huh? That's the great thing about sensing things are about to go coco fucking bananas months beforehand, folks.I … Continue reading