Screeching To A Halt.

I've been burning brain cells last week thinking what gadget I should buy next, a digi-cam or a new mobile phone? At first I was all set on buying this Nokia music phone but my sister suggested I go for Wi-fi ready phones like o2, Blackberry or an iPhone."To bai or not to bai, that is the … Continue reading

College Buds

Last Saturday, I met up with my college buds. Some of them I haven't seen for more than four years. Well, some were not able to make it save for Fly Boi, Ria and this gay dude. So yes, Fly Boi is back but it might be for the last time. He's Dubai-bound and is planning to get married soon. I'm happy … Continue reading

Fly Boi Retarns!

Fly Boi: Eto, may joke ako. Anung tawag dito (points at the facial hair below his lower lip)Tina: Errr... ano?Fly Boi: Tsaka.Tina: Eh?Fly Boi: Bigote, Tsaka, Goatee.Tina: Naks, yan yung tipong joke na kala ko namatay na nung circa 1990 pa ah. May C.R. ba sa loob?Fly Boi: Bakit, nasusuka ka na ba sa … Continue reading

Paninindigan ni Hannah

Hannah: Nag-comment ang friend ni Lauren sa blog ko! (copy pastes the comment)Tina: Sagutin mo.Hannah: Hay nako. Ayaw kong patulan ang katangahan nila.Tina: (reads the copy pasted comment) Tanga ba sha? Haller, obvious bang peke yung blog?! Ako sasagot. Teka.Hannah: Sige! Ako din!... … Continue reading