One of Those Retarded Moments

Tina: Manong wala naman pong English translation tong DVD na binigay nyo.Manong: Okay sige, check natin.(fed the DVD to the player and waited)Manong: Hmmm... oo nga no. Sige palitan natin (fiddles with the remote, pushed "Chinese 2" on the Subtitle Translation function and magically, the chinese … Continue reading

Drunken Kingdom

We got invited by the Drunken Masters for a little pick-me-up at their urban castle. My colleagues and I decided to drop by but we planned not to stay long. At first, Methink it would be such a fucken drag making small talk with my bosses and I wasn't prepared for it. However, my colleagues who … Continue reading

Movies and Playing with Words

I keep toying with the idea of signing myself up for a boxing/martial arts training camp, is that normal? Got to see lots of movies, Kung-Fu Panda, The Incredible Hulk and this:Yes, it's in Spanish. Bite me.Yesterday, Rhae and I went to the movies to watch Get Smart a film re-make of a 60's … Continue reading

Rain and The City

So I bumped into the Ex-Bestfriend a couple of days ago. She looked good though, she got thinner and she's wearing a brand new pair of green chucks which I approve. You can bet that I'm having mixed feeling about our brief meeting. However, I've been indulging way too much into this whole mess and … Continue reading