Humor Blogger For May 2008

Badoodles, if you're reading this I wanna say thank you :D See, you just made my day.Well my defunct blogsite over at BlogSpot just scored the title Humor Blogger for May 2008. Wow, Who fucken knew? Tenk U beri meyni! This made me forget even for a little while how much Worpress sucks because I … Continue reading

Virtual Rehab

Despite lingering doubts and conflicting emotions, I left Porno Land as scheduled. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not regretting anything at this point, what I'm saying was it has been fun. I was expecting my last day to be somewhat uneventful but for some weird reason (maybe saying Good-Bye ain't … Continue reading

Robert is Iron Man

I suck at movie revs and I don't plan to start now but I just wanna say: Iron Man blew me the fuck away.The jaw-dropping Visual effects rocked, the plot hits closer to home (terrorism in the middle East, the war element and all that jazz) and was littered with hints of an even better sequel to come … Continue reading