Chowdown in China Town

Good Food + Good Friends + Music = Bliss.Went to Chinatown with a handful of friends and a college buddy, didn't know I'd have so much fun. It was worth the long damn travel. In-between slurping Soup number 5 and bonding with the Bitches at 2 in the morning with nothing but fortune cookies and the … Continue reading

End of An Era

There are a number of things I should have written about and last Sunday I was supposed to do just that but I didn't know where to start. In the end, I ditched the idea altogether. Now that things ain't so shitty anymore, I decided that yeah, I'll try to piece together the damn week that it was … Continue reading

The Sound Of Love

Now here's one category my old blog never had, something about Love and all of its fabulousness. Usually I fight the urge to write anything about love because I don't enjoy writing things in which I have no fucking clue. However, I figured this might be the right place and the right time to do it. … Continue reading

A Chapter Closes

As another chapter of my life is slowly coming to a close, I reflected on all the good things that came to pass. As I looked back, I realized most of those experiences has been good and that I'm lucky. Friends and laughter, what more can a girl ask for?... two weeks and counting. Already I miss … Continue reading

A Hasty Exit

I'm sitting here in an obscure net shop wearing the rattiest set of garb known to man. Since I'm too sick to report to work today, I was stuck at home broiling in our heated room which bored me shitless so I dragged my ass out here, bought some drugs and felt a little contemplative. I'm high on … Continue reading