The German Connection

Last night I joined a couple of my writer friends to have a "5 minute" meeting with the German guy (who, by the way, wants to be called Norwegian guy instead so we'll call him The Guy Formerly known as German) but before that, I had a lively dinner with my other friends, devouring junk foods while … Continue reading

Ode to ze iPod… sort of.

So... I busted my iPod the other day. I didn't even know what the fuck happened, I've had for 8 months and I don't think I did anything to make it die like this. One moment it was working fine and dandy then suddenly, it stopped being okay. It would be the second iPod I busted in two years.All I … Continue reading

Maiba ng Usapan

* Hehehe, I'm only seeing the new layout for the fist time and I must say, I'm quite satisfied with the result! Thanks to Feetur for the providing the lovely blog skin! Sagot ko ang sno-ber mo, kapatid!Tina: You feel better now?Rosch: I have the cough thing pa dinTina: Baka hika na yan, may … Continue reading

It Only Gets Better

2008 got a bit rough at the beginning for lil' ol' me but as the days went on, I'm glad things are finally working out in my favor. My new boss is so far, awesome compared to my old boss, my team mates rocks, surprisingly, I feel less pressured with my new job and best of all, I got a once-a-week … Continue reading