2007: The Year In Review

Update: Me and a bunch of my friends went cam-whoring yesterday! 'Twas fun and shit! Also, Doy came up with a new word: Oogy. Yeah, check out what it means... hisposts are uber-oogy! Oh hey, hey, hey! First off as the title implies, this will be my last post for the year 2007! I planned nothing … Continue reading

Ze Christmas Party

Hey, pepol of the Pelepens, enjoying the slide show? Those are the pics I shamelessly stole from Carlo and Nina, bwehehehehe! Ako na ang huling mag-post, halos lahat sa blogroll ko eh meron na, hehehe. Sa mga di pa nakakahalata, those are from last Friday's Iweb HAT party. Y'all may remember what I … Continue reading

Kesong Bulok Daw

Benny: Ano nga ba yung mabahong cheese?Tina: Limburger?Benny: Ah tama. Ikaw yunTina: Tangina mo ah.Benny: Thanks for helping me make asar youTina: Huhuhu... making asar me, huhuuhuh *sabay bato ng granada*Benny: Huhuh pare you threw the grenade on my balls pare, now it's maga na … Continue reading

Off To Ze Party I Shall Go

Crikey, Christmas really is just around the corner. I'm a bit giddy cuz tonight, our company Christmas party is up. Originally, I didn't have any plans on attending the event for reasons that I care not to divulge. However, two weeks prior to the party, I changed my mind. I learned that first, my … Continue reading